Nikolaos Spyratos

Tantalizing Tech Talk, Fantastic Food Fair, Wondrous Wandering

Hello there! I'm Nik Spyratos, aka TheCapeGreek, NGinCreator, and Nik the Greek when I'm feeling lucky.

I'm a software developer in Cape Town, currently working as a backend developer for TCT Digital , a bespoke development shop servicing various clients such as Hey Jude, PLP Group and Nedbank. Previously, I was at the South African Broadband Education Networks , a non-profit organisation providing IT services to South African colleges.

My current focus technologies are:

  • Programming in PHP, some Python, and, during darker times, a 3 week stint in Perl (we don't talk about Perl).
  • Web development focused on Laravel.
  • Linux for both server and desktop. I'm no sysadmin but I know my way around. My primary desktop operating systems are currently Linux Mint and macOS.

Of late, my interests in the tech sphere are in privacy, the open-source/free software movement, and the current state of the industry. Naturally, new technologies entice me by my nature as a developer, but that could also go without saying all the buzzwords everyone hears.

Aside from that, I spend time catching up on HackerNews articles and lurking the ZATech Slack group , or relaxing with some games or series. I am a big old nerd after all!

The rest of this site contains links/descriptions to my projects and any posts I've written. Take a look around!